Washington Bee


Washington Bee


Community Activism and Self-Determination, Education


Courtesy of Readex: America's Historical Newspapers


"Falls Church Gleanings," Washington Bee, January 29,1921, 5




The Study Club met on Thursday night at the Schoolhouse, read, studied and discussed "Political Parties" and the "State Legislature." Following the lesson in civil government, Mr. E. B. Henderson briefly reviewed world events, discussing the problems affecting Ireland, India, Russia, Greece and Japanese America, or California. The relationship of the colored people of this country to capital and labor drew forth interesting ideas. Among those who attended were Messrs. Tinner, Carpenter, Everett Tinner, Everett Jones, A. G. Murray and E. B. Henderson. The ladies in attendance were: Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Wade, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. M. Richards, Mrs. Cora Thomas, Mrs. Ollie Ewing, Mrs. Georgia Taylor, Mrs. E. B. Henderson, Mrs. A. C. Jones, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Marine, Mrs. J. Powell and Mrs. Lena Dixon.



Courtesy of Readex: America's Historical Newspapers , “Washington Bee ,” 100 Years Black Falls Church, accessed November 24, 2017, http://thecourtyardbrewery.com/items/show/510.


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