Washington Bee


Washington Bee


Community Activism and Self-Determination, Education


Courtesy of Readex: America's Historical Newspapers


"Falls Church Gleanings," Washington Bee, October 29, 1921, 5




The first meeting of the School League met at the school house Monday night of last week. The plans for laying the walk, digging the well and other improvement were discussed. The league hopes, with the co-operation of the parents, to make many improvements in and around the school. Mr. Hayman of Princess Anne, Md., who is interested in educational work, made a short but interesting talk. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year. President, Mr. R. J. Evans; vice-president, Mrs. Fannie Richards; secretary, Mrs. Sara Thomas; treasurer, Mrs. Emma Scott. It is the hope of this organization that all parents will attend each meeting and become acquainted with the workings of the school.



Courtesy of Readex: America's Historical Newspapers, “Washington Bee ,” 100 Years Black Falls Church, accessed November 24, 2017, http://thecourtyardbrewery.com/items/show/530.

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